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 Hold v3.1: reduced CPU usage

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PostSubject: Hold v3.1: reduced CPU usage   Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:20 pm

Homebrew developer Torch gave us a quick heads up on his popular Hold+ program, which is now on version 3.1. Hold+ is a plugin that'll help your unit save on some battery power. This version has several new features and fixes, check them out after the link.

Changelog v3.1

  • Reduced CPU usage by delaying longer in main loop. Since v3.0 the main loop doesn't do much so it needn't run as fast as before. This *should* alleviate problems with the battery icon.

  • Now its not possible to accidentally press 'other' buttons in hold mode while holding Select button. Ex: If you are holding Select + VolUp to increase volume, and you accidentally press X, the X button will not have effect.

Changelog v3.0

  • Completely overhauled the plugin to work using only the SysCon functions based on Booster's example.
    The prevention of accidental suspend was changed to Booster's method as that is more efficient.

  • In Display Off mode, pressing the Screen button to return to normal no longer causes the firmware's internal brightness variable to become one step higher and the original screen brightness.

  • Added the ability to use some of the buttons while in hold mode, by holding the Select button first.

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Hold v3.1: reduced CPU usage
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