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 [ULUS-10290] Metal gear solid portable ops plus

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PostSubject: [ULUS-10290] Metal gear solid portable ops plus   Thu Oct 30, 2008 10:25 am


#Impostor (NO NAME)
;Modify the 0s to what you'd like
;your name to be, May go further.
;Enable BEFORE Logging in
;You can use lowercase and special symbols
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x00530A6C 0x00000000
0x00530A70 0x00000000
0x00530A74 0x00000000
0x00530A78 0x00000000
0x00530A7C 0x00000000
0x00530A80 0x00000000

#No Weapon Restrictions
;Can use any weapon
;0x00000024 To Lock All
;Credit WhoIsYou

#Unrestrict Equipment
;Can use all equipment
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x001CA360 0x0C
0x001CA364 0x0D
0x001CA368 0x0E
0x001CA36C 0x0F
0x001CA370 0x10
0x001CA374 0x11

#Unrestrict Stealth
;Can use Stealth
;Do NOT Redistribute
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x001CA38C 0x1E

#Extreme Recovery
;Near Instant recovery from knockout
;Turn on BEFORE entering a game.
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x001C4BB4 0xEB

#No Chaff Effect
;You can still Fulton/Quick Chat
;Do NOT redistribute
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x001D9890 0x00

#Can Friendly Fire Others
;You can friendly fire even when off
;Do NOT redistribute
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x001C33C0 0x61

#Cant Friendly Fire
;Can't be FFed even if on
;Do NOT redistribute
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x001C33C0 0x7C

;Enables WhiteFlag
;Fulton, MemberChange
;Surround Indicator
;Turn on BEFORE game (best results)
0x001C4BB0 0x07010102 ;03 for DmgRev

#Kick Type Immediate
;01 for Vote
;Only if you're Host
;Turn on BEFORE game
0x001C4B5 0x00

#Narrow World
;Makes everything half as wide
;Twice as tall
;Modify for other dimensions
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x0016E754 0x3F000000

#No Stun Blind ~ SILO
;Only works in SILO
;Disable BEFORE entering another map
;Only stops blindness
;Credit WhoIsYou
0x011ADB7C 0x00FFFFFF
0x011ADB14 0x00000000

#freeze-frame (online)
;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x001a5ba0
0x00000088 0x00000001

#flash (online)
;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x001a5ba0
0x000000fc 0x03010190

#WTW (online)
;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x001a5ba0
0x000000f4 0x3f800000

;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x001A5B90
0x00000088 0x00000001

;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x001A5B90
0x000000FC 0x03010190

;Set CheatHz to 15/1000
0xFFFFFFFF 0x001A5B90
0x000000F4 0x3F800000

#Verticle Clipping
0x0016670C 0x44480000

Allows you to walk thro some walls

#see through walls
0x0016EA70 0x41800000

Allows you to see through some parts of walls

0x0014FE90 0x3C054080

Makes all players in the room spin really fast when they try to move

0x001775B4 0x41A80000

This is actually a player size mod and allows you to see high up in the map

#Sky Walker
0x0016EEBC 0x3FB00000

You hover about 2 feet off the ground, but cannot pass over gaps

#Jesus Walker
0x0016EED0 0x00000000

All players float around in the crucifix position

0x001775C8 0x40800000

All players go invisible

0x001775A0 0x3F720000

This does not actually give invisibility, but makes you and nearest player shift co-ordinates

#upside down
0x001772F4 0x00000000

camera goes weird and then you end up in an upside-down world

#Colour Modifier
0x00166114 0x00000000

All players turn jet black. Can probably change value to alter colours

#Big Shadow
0x0016EE58 0x40800000

Gives a bigger shadow

#The Retard
0x0016EED4 0x40800000

All players go into contortions

#Size Modifier
0x001775B0 0x40800000

All players stretch and lean over

#static vision
0x0016E7C8 0x49000000

your surroundings turn into atoms

#acid mode
0x0016E9E0 0x45CDCBCA

Kicks in after a few seconds. Looks like your on an acid trip

#Hud on opposite side of screen
0x00173BC0 0x00000000

Moves the hud over to the left. Can be modded to change its position

#remove backround
0x00172F08 0x00000000

Everything disappears

#Camera mod
0x0016E754 0x3F800000

changing the value from 3f80 gives lots of weird screens

Note: DON'T STEAL CREDIT; some online code works ofline...credit goes to whoever its stated.
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[ULUS-10290] Metal gear solid portable ops plus
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