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PostSubject: SITE RULEZ   Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:49 am

EliteHackinSquad.tk Rulez

EliteHackinSquad.tk is focused to bringing technological information and using it to make things more interesting. We develope different skills concerning GFx, Programming and many more, but there are jurisdictions on what we can and cannot do:

#1.1 We are mainly focused people 13 years and older.

#1.2 Pornography: We do not allow any kind of pornography or other sexually explicit material. Minor nudity is allowed at staff discretion.

#1.3 Copyright Files/Warez: Direct linking and/or hosting of Copyright Materials or Warez is strictly prohibited.

#1.4 Hacking: Files, FAQ's, Walkthroughs, Guides, etc that focus on Hacking are not allowed. We see hacking as the intentional degraadation of any computer software, hardware, internet websites and servers. This includes but is not limited to DDoS, Phishing, Viruses, Trojans, Bot-Nets, Website Exploits, and Forum Websites.

#1.5 Spamming: We consider spamming intentional posting of irrelevant or pointless replies. Reasons for doing so include raising ones post count, bumping a thread, or steering a thread off-topic.

#1.6 Flaming: We allow flaming in small amounts only. Flaming is the intentional or unintentional posting of any word or group of words with the intent of harassing forum members, forum staff, or anyone in general.

#1.7 Harassment: Any type of harassment towards other forum members is not allowed. This includes bringing race, sex, age, position (forum leadership wise), etc.

#1.8 Language: Vulgar language is permitted in small amounts only. Keep the language down to a minimum. We have a filter enabled to block many words not allowed on the forum. Any attempt to block the language filters will lead to infractions.

#1.9 All posts and threads are only limited to English. This does not include your signature, profile, Private Messages, etc.

#1.10All usernames may not refer to an email or any web site - use good taste here.

Infraction System

#2.1 Members who disobey the rules will be infracted (warned) or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment. In most cases, they are issued one per each rule broken. If necessary 2 or more can be given for one offense.

#2.2 Members can be infracted a maximum of three times. On the third, an immediate ban is placed on the users account, for a set amount of days that is proportional to the rule(s) broken. This does not mean that you have to have a warning to get banned, moderators may ban you without warnings depending on the offense.

#2.3 By default, infractions have an expiration date of 30 Days after the day they are issued to you. After which time it is nulled, and taken off your profile. Depending on the infraction it may not have an expiration date.

If you believe you do not deserve the infraction please contact the moderator who warned you. Talking back to the moderator who gave you the warning with no sense of respect will lead to further warnings.

If you do not know why you received a warning, a private message would have been sent to notify you of the reason why you were infracted and who sent it to you.

Posting Etiquette

#3.1 All topic titles must contain a description of what the topic is about.

#3.2 Treat others positively and with respect. Flaming other members or other forums will lead to a warning, possibly even a ban.

#3.3 Topics must be submitted to the relevant forums. Please read the forum descriptions before posting.

#3.4 Bumping is allowed provided that the reply has relevant information that is useful to the continuance of the topic. Short intervals of bumps are not allowed to bump the topic up onto the first page by the same person.

#3.5 Double posting of the same links may lead to a warning, especially if you have your own independent topic for a set of links and yet still post the same links in related topics with the intention of gaining exposure.

#3.6 Also use the edit button when altering your reply if you're the last to post in the topic.

Content of posts should not be explicit, offensive, shocking, discussions of demerit commodities unless it is posted in an educational sense. Content which is inhumane or unethical to be viewed by ages below 13 years old is not allowed.

#3.7 No topic hijacking (going off topic).

#3.8 Removal of moderated messages is not allowed.

#3.9 Posting serial numbers or license keys in messages is not allowed.

#3.10 The use of unusual presentation methods within topic titles and descriptions with the intent to gain attention is not allowed

Examples and exceptions:

Not allowed:
Words/phrases such as but not limited to:
**** MUST HAVE****, L@@K, LATEST, NEWEST, LOOK HERE, *Newest Version*
or other words along these lines including symbols.

Scene release title created by the release group may include caps and periods.
Use of hyphen between words such as music titles.

Spam Rules

#4.1 You may promote your website using the following methods only: your signature, your "homepage," your location, and your profile. The following areas are not for the promotion of your websites/forums:

Threads, Posts, Polls, Announcements, posted images, and the "I am Currently Listening to" field.

#4.2 If you choose to post a link it should either benefit everyone or be in direct reference to an inquiry or question asked; and must not be a site of the following categories:

Warez sites, Pornography sites, Hacking sites. Sites that require registration, subscription or a fee to access. Links within posts that links to a 3rd party in order to gain access the content (ex. Link protectors, Text files, ...).

#4.3 In your signature, your "homepage," or your profile any links are allowed except for the following:

Warez sites, Pornography sites, Hacking sites.

#4.4 Excessive posting of similar messages to increase post count is not allowed.

#4.5 The following one-liner messages are classified as spam [Except in The Lounge]:

Any reply/post that contains 2 words or less.
Any acronym such as lol, lmao, rofl, wtf, etc.
The use of a smilie only reply (such as Smile).

Private Messaging

#5.1 All rules apply in regard to private messaging.

#5.2 Mass "spamvertising" (the act of spamming with advertisements to other websites/forums) is strictly prohibited. Sending PM's to 2 members or more at once qualifies as Mass Spamvertising.

Avatars and Signatures

#6.1 All rules apply to avatars and signatures.

#6.2 There currently is no size restrictions on avatars and signatures. Staff has the right to edit, resize, delete them as necessary.

Code Releases

#7.1 When posting a new game code, please make every effort to give credit to the original author/creator of the code. If you created be sure to give yourself credit. If you are genuinely unsure about who the author or creator is, make it blatantly obvious that you do not take credit for the release, and do not know who made it.

#7.2 Adding websites or forums to Release Credit is not permitted. Creators/Authors only include the name of the member. Not where they come from. Any release posted with the intention of advertising websites or forums will not be permitted.

#7.3 Codes may be posted and released without "original author or creator" permission. This is because EC Staff does not have the time or manpower to do a "background" check on every code posted to make sure credit is accurate. Posted credit is based on the integrity system. Because we cannot check every release, it is up to forum members to give credit where credit is due. We will, under no circumstances, take down or edit a code because someone claims to be the original author/creator and wants it removed.

Forum Profiles

#8.1 Currently the creation of several member accounts by one member is permitted only if the duplicate accounts were not created to circumvent an account ban. If a ban is placed on an account, and it is found that the member has duplicate accounts, all the accounts will be banned; and all additional ones will be either banned or deleted.

#8.2 Mass creation of duplicate accounts (more than 3 per user) is not allowed and is considered taking advantage of #9.1. If an excess of multiple accounts are found by any member, they may be deleted/banned at the discretion of forum staff.

#8.3 Impersonation of forum staff is not allowed. Creating new forum accounts similar to staff members falls under this rule. For example creating the account "\/\/antedConvict" to impersonate "WantedConvict" is not permitted.

#8.4 Username, Usertitle, and Avatar markup with the intentions of impersonating forum staff is not permitted.

EHS Affiliates

#9.1 To become an affiliation of EliteHackinSquad.tk, you must have administrator approval. We will only consider sites for affiliation if they do not contain the following:

Pornography, Warez, Hacking Tools/Guides, or anything else found unacceptable by staff.

#9.2 Site Admins has final say on who is and is not an affiliate of EHS. You must contact him in order to receive final approval.


The following rules apply only to members that can access the shoutbox.

#10.1 All rules apply to shouts, images, and links posted in the shoutbox.

Special Usergroups: Moderators, Administrators

The following rules only apply to forum members with Special Usergroups. Special Usergroups include Moderator, Global Moderator,and Administrator.

#11.1 Allowing anyone except yourself to log into your account is strictly prohibited. Giving your username/password to other users to access is strictly prohibited. Being in a Special Usergroup, you are the only one entitled to log into the forum with your username. If you are found allowing other users to have access to your account, you will either lose your Special Usergroup or receive a Profile Lock/Ban at the discretion of Milk.

Explicit Guidelines

#12.1 Sticky Requests: Please do not request a post to be stickied. If there is room to sticky an exceptional post, we will do so. Topics which use a poll to petition a sticky are not allowed.

#12.2 Your username can only be changed by asking an admin. making extra accounts will either get you an infraction or banned.

#12.3 Asking any staff member if you can be a part of the staff will hinder your chance of ever becoming one.

#12.4 All forum rules apply to each members profile, no referrers, no porn links, no warez forums.

#14.5 All forum rules apply to every image posted in messages, signatures, avatars and PMs.

#14.6 If you find posts, members, or profiles that violate forum rules, please either "Report" it using the Report Button or PM/Contact Forum Staff immediately.

#14.7 These Rules may change at any time with or without notice. It is your responsibility to review them periodically for any updates. In most cases, every attempt will be made to notify you that the Forum Rules have been updated.



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