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 Halo on PSP

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PostSubject: Halo on PSP   Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:25 am

Ok this is really simple. Even though it says halo it doesn't quite look like it but ok whatever on with the tut.

Required Space on Memory Stick is exactly: 194 MB

You need to download this file:
megaupload.com SHDSNS54

Ok this is really simple. So I'll put it in steps.

Basic Steps to installing HaloPsp

1. Extract file to an easy-to-find spot on your computer.

2. Connect your psp via USB.

3. Click "Open folder view all files"

4. Once that pops up double click on PSP.

5. Double click on GAME150 folder.
a. If you do not have a GAME150 folder right click select "new" then click folder.
i. Make sure that the folder is titled GAME150.
6. Copy files from the halopsp folder.
a. They are titled battle crrek, HALO BLOGH BUCH, HALO hig, HALO ice, rat racer.
7. Paste these files into the GAME150 folder.

8. Exit out of USB Mode.
a. That's "O" for those of you who don't know. (If yours is different sorry.)
9. Go over to "Game."

10. Scroll down to "Memory Stick"
11. You will see the picture of the map to choose from.

12. Press "X" to execute game.
13. The menu will pop up.
14. Select either "Single Player" or "Multiplayer."
a. "Single Player" Gives you four (4) options to choose from.
i. Cs_Italy, Desert House, Arena, Tower.
ai. "Multiplayer" Options include Join Game, New Game, Setup, and Infrastructure.

HaloPsp Hotkeys

1. "/\" Move's you forward.
2. "X" Move's you backwards.
3. "[]" Move's you to the Left.
4. "O" Move's you to the right.
5. "Analog stick" Is the aim.
6. "L" Is jump.
7. "R" Is to fire weapon.
8 "Up Arrow" Spawns enemy. (I don't know if it works on Multiplayer yet.)
9. "Left Arrow" Switches weapons.
10. "Start" Pauses game. (Of course).

Ok so there you go. Credit for this Tut goes to me. If you need any help feel free to contact me. I installed it just today so I thought I would make a Tut on how to install it. (Better than what I had to start with). I will be posting a video here soon.megaupload.com SHDSNS54megaupload.com SHDSNS54



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Halo on PSP
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