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 Download Megaupload And RapidShare Links From Your Psp

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PostSubject: Download Megaupload And RapidShare Links From Your Psp   Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:05 am

*You must have Custom Firmware 4.01 M33-2, which you can get and internet access on your Psp to run this program!
*I didn't make this, but you can thank me for uploading. Smile
*4.01 M33 and 4.01 M33-2 Custom Firmware

1. Put Your Psp in USB Mode.
2. Download the PSPFSD1.50 Program Below.
3. Open up the Program and click on PSPFSD150.
4. Copy the PSPFSDeng Folder to your Game Folder.
5. Run the Application on the Psp Home Menu.

-If you do not have a Game Folder under Psp on the root of your memory stick, make one and paste the program in it.

Here is the program: (PSPFSD1.50)

megaupload.com W40S9SQM

Downloading Links: (Only Megaupload And RapidShare)
-To download links, you can enter them manually when you run the application, or you can enter the Download Links from your computer, which is the faster way.

Entering Links From Your CPU:
1. Put your Psp in USB Mode.
2. On the root of your memory stick, click on Psp-Game-PSPPFSDeng.
3. Inside your PSPPFSDeng Folder will be a text document titled 'URL'.
4. You copy and paste the download links there.
5. The download links you paste in 'URL' will appear for download when you run the application.

*Make sure you check and see if the links are valid before you paste in your 'URL' Text File or you will receive errors in the program.


MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

*WinRar is a program you open and extract files with.[url= megaupload.com W40S9SQM] megaupload.com W40S9SQM[/url][url= megaupload.com W40S9SQM] megaupload.com W40S9SQM[/url]



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Download Megaupload And RapidShare Links From Your Psp
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