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 Socom Anti Boots

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PostSubject: Socom Anti Boots   Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:36 pm

#!!Anti 35
;Side Effects: Can't Talk Ingame
;When On, You Can't Leave A Game
;Or You Get Error 30, Than Just
;Start Again
0x0037ba50 0x00000000

#True Anti-Boot (Compass)
0x00185830 0x0e32f2b0
0x00185844 0xa2040eb0
0x00496af8 0x69746E41
0x00496afc 0x6F6F422D
0x00496b00 0x00000074
0x00496b04 0x69746E41
0x00496b08 0x6F6F422D
0x00496b0c 0x00000074
0x004bcac0 0x3c0808d0
0x004bcac4 0x3c0f0000
0x004bcac8 0x35ef0003
0x004bcacc 0x8d093d1c
0x004bcad0 0xad0f3d1c
0x004bcad4 0x03e00008

#See No Evil
0x0048a934 0x00205B20
0x0048a944 0x00002020
0x0048a97c 0x69202020
0x0048a990 0x20206E61
0x0048a994 0x00000020
0x0048a9ac 0x00002020
0x0048a9d0 0x00202020
0x0048a9e4 0x74202020
0x0048aa58 0x00202043
0x0048aa64 0x2020206F
0x0048aa80 0x68202220
0x0048aa84 0x20202061
0x0048aaa8 0x68202020
0x0048aac4 0x00002020
0x00490bf0 0x00002020
0x00490c00 0x20202020
0x00491d10 0x00007325
0x00491d18 0x00007265
0x00491da8 0x20202020
0x0048f9a4 0x00002020
0x00491d70 0x203A2020
0x00492040 0x765F7320
0x00492050 0x00007E20
0x004920cc 0x00002020
0x004920dc 0x28002020
0x004920ec 0x28202020
0x004920fc 0x20202020
0x004920f4 0x2020203A
0x004920e4 0x20203A29
0x00492148 0x68202020
0x0049216c 0x20202020
0x00492170 0x20202020
0x004921cc 0x00002020
0x00492340 0x204E2520
0x00492344 0x00412520
0x004923f4 0x20202020
0x00492614 0x20202020
0x004926e8 0x201F2020
0x00492914 0x20203A69
0x0049291c 0x22202022
0x0049292c 0x20203A73
0x00492934 0x00202020
0x00492938 0x00202020
0x0049293c 0x00202020
0x005a0e54 0x2020002E
0x005a0e58 0x73616820
0x0057c100 0x20200067
0x0057c104 0x6C616620
0x0057c118 0x20202000
0x0057c144 0x66202020
0x0057c150 0x69772020
0x00585174 0x69202020
0x00585198 0x20202000
0x005851b0 0x4E002020
0x0058520c 0x68207320
0x00585220 0x68207320
0x005a0e6c 0x2020002E
0x00599ab8 0x77202020

0x005A0E54 0x3224002E
0x005A0E58 0x73616820
0x0057C100 0x32240067
0x0057C104 0x6C616620
0x0057C118 0x20322400
0x0057C144 0x66203324
0x0057C150 0x69772033
0x00585174 0x69203224
0x00585198 0x20332400
0x005851B0 0x4E003324
0x005A0E6C 0x3224002E
0x00599AB8 0x77203224
0x0049216C 0x25206425
0x00492170 0x64252064

0x001013c8 0x34020002
0x001006cc 0x34020004

0x004e8000 0x3c1908cf
0x004e8004 0x34180050
0x004e8008 0x8f2f81fc
0x004e800c 0x15e00003
0x004e8014 0x15d80006
0x004e801c 0x34020004
0x004e8020 0x34110002
0x004e8024 0x34120008
0x004e8028 0x34130002
0x004e802c 0x34140006
0x004e8030 0x00408021
0x004e8034 0x3c0208d0
0x004e8038 0x00007020
0x004e803c 0x0a2dfe69
0x0037f99c 0x0a33a000
0x0037f9a0 0x00000000
0x00101bc8 0x340e0050
0x00100ee4 0x340e0050
0x00101c98 0x340e0050

#Perfect Anti Boot v1.50
0x004fe000 0x3c1908cf
0x004fe004 0x34180050
0x004fe008 0x8f2fe1fc
0x004fe00c 0x15e00003
0x004fe014 0x15d80006
0x004fe01c 0x34020004
0x004fe020 0x34110002
0x004fe024 0x34120008
0x004fe028 0x34130002
0x004fe02c 0x34140006
0x004fe030 0x00408021
0x004fe034 0x3c0208d0
0x004fe038 0x00007020
0x004fe03c 0x0a2e0521
0x0038147c 0x0a33f800
0x00381480 0x00000000
0x0037ba50 0x00000000
0x00101d48 0x340e0050
0x00101064 0x340e0050
0x00101e18 0x340e0050

#Anti Server lock/Anti Blacklist
0x004191F0 0x0A331000
0x004C5C44 0x0988FBC0
0x004C5C48 0x09890E00
0x004C5D50 0x3C0908CC
0x004C5D54 0x8D383FD0
0x004C5D58 0x8D393FD4
0x004C5D5C 0x13380009
0x004C5D60 0x240E007B
0x004C5D64 0x830F0000
0x004C5D68 0x15EE0003
0x004C5D6C 0x240E0020
0x004C5D70 0xA30E0000
0x004C5D74 0x1000FFF7
0x004C5D78 0x27180001
0x004C5D7C 0x03E00008

#Anti Blacklist/Clan Invite
0x0048A990 0x20206E61
0x0048A994 0x00000000
0x0048AAF8 0x00000020
0x0057A71C 0x68200000
0x00585174 0x00000000
0x005851B0 0x4E000000

#Anti Error 12
;Cheat Hz 31
0x00503D1C 0x00000003

#Anti Blacklist
0x005851b0 0x4e000000
0x0048a990 0x20206e61
0x0048a994 0x00000000
0x0048aaf8 0x00000020

#Anti Clan Invite
0x00585198 0x20000000
0x005851B0 0x4E000000
0x0048A990 0x00206E61
0x0048A97C 0x69200000

#1.5 Anti
;ProtectZ FrM MoST BooTs =].
0x00585198 0x20000000
0x005851B0 0x4E000000
0x0048A990 0x00206E61
0x0048A97C 0x69200000
0x0057C100 0x32240067
0x0057C104 0x6C616620
0x0057C118 0x20322400
0x0057C144 0x66203324
0x0057C150 0x69772033
0x00599AB8 0x77203224

0x001753C4 0x34040000
0x00175C7C 0x34040000



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PostSubject: Re: Socom Anti Boots   Sat Sep 13, 2008 11:56 am

LOl already postd on every site (Not to be mean but just sain)
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Socom Anti Boots
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