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 [Tutorial] How to make Energy Swirls

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] How to make Energy Swirls   Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:34 pm

Hey this is a tut on how to make an energy swirl, like how it is in my sig.
REMEMBER!!! The clouds are random..so it wont always come out the same.

1. Create a blank document, I made it 400x400.

2. Fill the background with black

3. Apply Filter --> Render --> Clouds

4. Filter --> Render --> Difference Clouds

5. CTRL-I to inverse the colors

6. Now press Ctrl + L and the Levels box should open up.

7. Set the MIDDLE box, under the input levels section anywhere from 0.12 thru 0.15 (depending on how you want it.

8. Then press Ctrl + B to bring up the color balance.

9. In my sig, for example I want to make it blue, so I put the values at:

0, 40, 100

but you can put it at any color you want...I am just using blue for my example.

10. Next go to Filter --> Blur --> Radial Blur

Set the Amount at: 21
Blur Method: Zoom
Quality: Best
Then move the Blur Center somewhere in the Upper Left of the box..Experiment to see what you like.

11. Now go to Layer ---> Duplicate Layer

12. Select the New Layer and at the top of the Layer window there should be a tab that say "Normal". Change that to "Lighten

13. While the new Layer is selected, go to Filter --> Distort --> Twirl.

Set the angle at about 290 degrees.

14. Merge down the layers with Ctrl-E

15. Copy the layer again and set it to Lighten

16. Use the Twirl filter again with a setting of about -600 degrees.

We are almost done now!!!

17. Bring up color Balance (Ctrl-B) again and play with the settings until you are satisfied with the outcome

For my sig background which is Blue. I used:

-36 +48 +100

Congratulations, you just made your first energy twirl.
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[Tutorial] How to make Energy Swirls
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